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"Cooking is the servant of medicine, Terence, 190-159 BC

People, long before Jesus Christ, already knew how to recognize and appreciate the benefits of "good cooking". By "good cooking" I mean that it must be both nourishing, of course, but also delicious.

In my "laboratory" I like to harmoniously combine the scents and qualities of Mediterranean cuisine with those of Africa and, more importantly, the Far East and India.

Indeed, from a nutritional point of view, Eastern cuisine, which has many features in common with the Cretan (Mediterranean) cuisine, meets the requirements of today's healthy and balanced cuisine.

The basic ingredients are a variety of vegetables, rich in fibre and nutrients, fruit, good vegetable fats such as olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, white meat, fish, seafood and all kinds of herbs and spices with their beneficial effects on our digestion and well-being.

Convivial, fragrant and very varied, this sunny cuisine appeals to everyone. It brings together friends and family around delicious and healthy dishes, provided that you are not too heavy on the oils, know how to choose your meats and avoid sweet pastries!

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